Measuring Guide

It’s important to check that your new sofa or chair will fit into your home, as inability to access a chosen room is the biggest cause of disappointment when purchasing furniture. Please read our simple measuring guide to ensure that we can successfully deliver your sofa.

Know your sofas dimensions

You can find the height, width and depth and seat height for each sofa on the relevant product page. Take a note of the height (A), width (B) and depth (C).

Measuring Your Home

Make sure to must measure the width (B) and height (A) of your front entrance to ensure that your new sofa will fit through it. Make sure your door's width is larger than the sofa's height, giving yourself some extra space on each side. Don't forget to measure any additional doors that the sofa must pass through. The entire height of our sofas—aside from Lola and Sophia—will actually be little lower than indicated because the legs will be taken off during delivery. Please contact us if you would like the exact height of the legs on your sofa.


Make sure there is enough space to move the sofa into the room of your choice and that the narrowest door width (A) will fit by taking a measurement from your hallway wall, across from the entrance of the room of your choice. Remember to measure the narrowest point (B) and consider any radiators, shelving, skirting boards, or light fittings that can obstruct your path. If you must navigate a corner, make sure the width is greater than the height of the sofa by measuring the area at its narrowest point.


Measure the width of the staircase at its narrowest point (A) if your sofa needs to go upstairs. Remember to account for any railings, banisters, and light fixtures. You should also think about the stairwell's height. Please ensure that there is more room between the railing and the ceiling than there is between your sofa's depth (B) if your sofa needs to be raised over the banister. Make sure there is enough ceiling height if your stairs curve around a corner so that the sofa can be pulled upright. It should be farther from the ceiling to the steps than it is widest than your sofa. Make sure there is adequate space on the landing for the sofa after it has been upstairs.
Please note that our delivery company are only able to carry a sofa up three floors. Any higher than this, then the sofa will need to fit into a lift..


If your building has a lift that our delivery team will need to use, you’ll need to measure the height (A), width (B) and depth (C) of the lift’s interior and the size of its door.


We provide home delivery under the condition that there is a service lift meeting specific minimum size requirements, 10.42 inches by 7.8125 inches. The service lift must have a minimum size of 36 x 72 inches and be at least 4 feet in width. Additionally, wider stairs, exceeding 40 inches in width, are acceptable for delivery.